Sentence of the tiral of Donauwörth

The court decided to confirm the orders of punishment of the two Gambian refugees for alleged breach of the peace (…) and sentenced them to eighty and ninety daily rates of 10 euros each. In her reasoning, the judge described asylum seekers as “guests” who had to behave accordingly. (…) The accused could not be proven to have made a concrete contribution to the crime. The judge found that the mere presence of the two at the scene of the incident was sufficient for a breach of the peace. Even the presence could not be clarified without doubts by the testimonies of the witnesses. The clear contradictions and gaps in the statements of the security staff, the Maltese and the police officers were simply ignored by the court. Instead, they were repeatedly asked about their subjective feelings about a possible threat from the residents.

Excerpts from the press release. Source:…/urteil-des-amtsgerichts-…/