Freedom for the refugees in Donauwörth, Ellwangen, and everywhere! #FreeDW32!

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At least since the recent events in Ellwangen, the conditions in German deportation camps have once again been back in the public eye. But Ellwangen is not an isolated case. A series of police violence that is even more massive than usual is spreading across Bavaria. The further expansion of the competences of the state administration in May 2017, as well as the recent tightening of the PAG (Police Tasks Act) in 2017 and 2018 also mean more violence. People have always been isolated, degraded, deprived of their rights, harassed by police and injured in deportations in so-called ‘community accommodations’. Violence and raids in these camps are therefore not new. At the same time, the excesses of violence and repression are not onlyh increasing, but are even made easier in legal terms. The number of police attacks has grown precisely in the months in which the discussions about the PAG have become louder, and the AnkER centres have been on the wish list of the CDU, CSU and SPD. Continue reading “Freedom for the refugees in Donauwörth, Ellwangen, and everywhere! #FreeDW32!”

Massive police violence during a raid in Deggendorf and Hengersberg on 14/05/18: The view of the inhabitants

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Series of massive police violence: After Ellwangen and Donauwörth, two major police operations took place in Deggendorf and Hengersberg in one week. Already on Monday, 14.05.2018 police carried out a major operation in the deportation camp in Deggendorf and the reception centre in Hengersberg.

More than 200 officers combat dress and with police dogs stormed the accommodations around three o’clock in the morning. The declared aim was to intimidate the refugees in order to avoid future solidarity of the inhabitants during deportations. In addition, ten people were to be deported: A family of two children, four men, a woman seven months pregnant and her son. The 21-year-old woman was tied up, separated from her four-year-old child by force and taken into deportation custody. Another person injured themselves for fear of deportation and had to be admitted to the district hospital. Two people were not found despite the search of the entire building. Another person stopped her deportation at the last moment at the airport. Continue reading “Massive police violence during a raid in Deggendorf and Hengersberg on 14/05/18: The view of the inhabitants”

Statement on police brutality in the reception center in Donauwörth on 14th of March

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On Wednesday, 14th of March, police forces showed extreme brutality towards the inhabitants of the reception center and arrested at least 29 persons. This happened after a legitimate protest against an attempted deportation. The location of those who were arrested is still unclear. There was no violence against humans on the side of the refugees. The charges of “breach of peace” and “grievous bodily harm” are utterly unfounded and constructed and will need independent evidence.

Refugees and human rights organisations have been criticising the inhuman living conditions in the reception centre (EA) in Donauwörth for months. The minister of the interior, Herrmann, used the false accusations against refugees spread by police as a pretext to personally travel to Donauwörth on Friday to continue his electoral campaign with right wing demands such as more police and more deportations.

The refugees in the EA of Donauwörth have released a statement (see below), in which they reject the unfounded accusations against them, demand the release of the prisoners, the recognition of their asylum applications, working permits and protection from the police.

Antiracist innitiatives and human rights organisations are stating their solidarity with those involved and with their demands. In addition to this, these groups demand the dismissal of the social workers who have violated their mandate towards the refugees in the EA.

Continue reading “Statement on police brutality in the reception center in Donauwörth on 14th of March”

From the perspective of the residents

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Below, you see a medical certificate and a video statement concerning the events of the 14th of March 2018 in Donauwörth. To protect the identity of those concerned, the voices are distorted and the faces are covered.


The patient originates from Gambia and is residing in asylum seeker housing. For reasons unknown to him, police suddenly appeared there, while he was merely wanting to leave the building. During the police procedure, he says the police suddenly drew out pepper spray which they sprayed in his eyes, causing him to feel faint and hindering his breathing. The patient is visibly intimidated and is shaking all over.


Hyperventilation after police procedure using pepper spray

Stinging eyes and throat after use of pepper spray

Dizziness eases gradually


The patient was innitially intimidated and hyperventilating but without any pathology. The dizziness, as well as the stinging in throat and eyes ceased of its own accord. The patient was discharged to your care in improved condition.

Attempts to eliminate the protests in Donauwörth

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In the early hours of the morning on 14th of March 2018 a deportation was successfully prevented in the reception center in Donauwörth. That afternoon however, a large police operation took place. 29 people were arrested and taken into custody overnight. One person is currently on remand. Several, according to current information, are in deportation custody. One person was released an hour ago and reported that his finger prints, photoghraphs and DNA samples were taken. The accusation is of breach of peace. This is a charge that serves the criminalisation of uprisings as well as inducing forced transfers, which aim to destroy the 500 person strong protests in Donauwörth.

The same strategie of arrest was also used in the summer of 2017, when the residents of the camp in Memmingen revolted against the conditions in the camp as well as against the racist security personell. 4 people were imprisoned on charges of breach of peace, 2 of whom have still not been released.

Herrmann, the minister of the interior made a statement on the prevented deportation in Donauwörth. He construes the protests as violent excesses. In fact the residents of the reception center showed civil courage by preventing the deportation of their friend through their presence. In doing so they were threatened with dogs, subjected to pepper spray and suffered other forms of physical violence on the part of the passively and actively armed police. As there was no faulty conduct on the part of the activists, the procecution is now construing the charge of breach of peace.

Video: Police at EA, 14.03

Video: Festnahme

More backgroundinformation: hier

Mass detention after protest in Donauwörth on 14/03/2018

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In the early morning of March 14, 2018, a deportation was successfully prevented in the Donauwörth reception centre. Afterwards, a large police operation was carried out in the afternoon. Those residents who were in their rooms were locked in, both entrance and exit doors of the reception centre had been locked as well. Room searches and identity checks were carried out. 29 people were arrested. Continue reading “Mass detention after protest in Donauwörth on 14/03/2018”

Strike in reception camp Donauwörth

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Donauwörth means deprivation of freedom and exploitation – for those who live there, or have to live there. In Donauwörth, the administrative district Donau-Ries, there is a reception center/ “Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung” (EA). According to the law, people have to stay there for up to two years. They are systematically deprived of all rights in order to force them to leave the country. Officially, it’s called “voluntary return.” No freedom of movement: Residence obligation (1). No freedom over the choice of daily food: canteen food. Massive exploitation through 80 cent jobs in the reception center. Deprivation of the right to work, instead: Reduced or canceled pocket money. Deprivation of the right to education. Deprivation of the right on health care, instead completely inadequate medical care.

Strike of the 80 cent job – the alleged aid organization Malteser reacts to this with threatening to reduce the pocket money. This means, on the one hand, that the right to strike is not accepted and on the other hand, that the pocket money, independent from the sallery, will be reduced.

People from Gambia from the reception center packed their stuff to go to Italy by train. Voluntary return? This is a cynical expression of the meticulously planned German racist system, that is supposed to force people to leave the country as quickly as possible.

The journey to Italy has been stopped. As far as Germany wants to throw people from the Global South out of the country, it is also forbidden to let them go. The Germanwide monopol for trains, “Deutsche Bahn” stopped the traffic around Donauwörth. Racist reactions, that it would have been the fault of the refugees, followed.

It is not their fault if they are on strike with the unworthy working conditions with a “sallery” of 80 cents per hour (2). It is the necessary consequence in the fight for an end of racism and thus the right to stay. It is not their fault that “Deutsche Bahn” stops the traffic. It seems more like a last attempt to exercise power, to prepare the ground for hatespeech against refugees and to avoid a scandal. Wouldn’t it been scandalous if people had traveled against the European Dublin law, under the eyes of German policewo*men?

Detained in a camp until the deportation is “allowed”. At the same time leaving the administrated district is prohibited. Working for 80 cents an hour. Canteen food. Poor medical care. Characteristics that are strongly linked to conditions in prisons. Waiting two years until Italy and Germany agreed on deportation to Italy. Loosing two years from your own life.
The strikers from Donauwörth announce that they will take action again, unless positive changes occur in the forthcoming talks with the authorities. Also last week they went on protest and sit ins.


(1) German law (§ 56 AsylG, § 61 (1) AufenthG) that forces asylum seekers to stay inside the district of the foreigners’ registration office.

(2) The Bavarian integration law created these working conditions for non-citizens, apart of the minimum wage for citizens.

Demo in Bamberg on 17/01/2018

[English below!]

Rote Bänder als Zeichen für die stattfindende Gewalt

Menschen aus dem Abschiebelager Bamberg riefen alle geflüchteten sowie solidarischen Menschen und Organisationen auf, sich mit ihnen auf der Straße gegen das Abschiebesystem auszusprechen. Aktivist*innen aus anderen Abschiebelagern und aus den verschiedensten antirassistischen Gruppen und selbstorganisierten Initiativen schlossen sich lautstark dem Protest an. International Women Space, Internationales Frauencafe, Refugee Struggle For Freedom, Deggendorf Immigrants und viele viele mehr machten gemeinsam die Konsequenzen des Abschiebe- und Lagersystems in verschiedenen Reden sichtbar.

Im Rahmen der Abschlusskundgebung vor dem Bamberger Rathaus, warteten die Protestierenden solange, bis sich der Oberbürgermeister zeigte. Er wurde mit den verheerenden Zuständen konfrontiert. Vor seinen Augen brach eine der Rednerinnen, mit ihrem Kind im Arm, während ihrer Ausführungen zusammen. Ein Krankenwagen musste gerufen werden. Das Kollabieren der Rednerin, ein Zeichen von massivem Stress, ließ den OB dennoch mehr oder weniger unbeeindruckt. Schließlich versprach er nichts weiter als die leere Phrase, dass er mit dem sogenannten Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge binnen 1 Woche reden werde. Charmanterweise wurde noch ein Stadtbus (vgl. letztes Bild) bestellt, der die Protestierenden schnell wieder ins Lager abseits der Öffentlichkeit verfrachten sollte. Zurück im Abschiebelager geht die Unterdrückung weiter. Repression bis ins kleinste Detaille; Allen – auch den Kindern – werden die Trillerpfeifen von den Securities abgenommen.

Wieder und wieder werden Protestierende im Sinne der Verantwortungsdiffusion vertröstet. Auch dies muss mit Hinblick auf §63 Abs. 2 des Bundesbeamtengesetzes als Farce betitelt werden. So heißt es “, wenn das aufgetragene Verhalten die Würde des Menschen verletzt”, ist der*die Beamtin zur Niederlegung der Dienstanweisung verpflichtet. Auf den bürokratischen Duktus der Verantwortungsweitergabe, lässt sich hiermit nicht mehr berufen.

Video über den Protest. Reden in verschiedenen Sprachen. Gespräch mit Bürgermeister und der städtischen Pressesprecherin.

Red ribbons point to the violence that is taking place.


People from the Bamberg deportation camp called on all refugees, as well as people and organizations that stand in solidarity to take to the streets with them in order to speak out against the deportation system. Activists from other deportation camps and various anti-racist groups and self-organized initiatives joined the protest loudly. International Women Space, International Women’s Cafe, Refugee Struggle for Freedom, Deggendorf Immigrants and many more made the consequences of the deportation and Lager system visible in various speeches.

During the conclusive rally in front of Bamberg’s town hall, the protesters waited until the mayor showed up. He was confronted with the devastating conditions. In front of his eyes, one of the speakers collapsed during her speech with her child in her arms. An ambulance had to be called. The collapse of the speaker, a sign of massive stress, left the OB more or less unaffected. After all, he promised nothing more than the empty phrase that he would talk to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) within one week. Charmingly enough, a city bus was ordered (see last picture), which was to transport the protesters quickly back to the camp, and away from the public. Back in the deportation camp, repression continues. Repression down to the smallest detail; the whistles used on the protest are taken from everybody – including the children – by the securities.

Again and again, protesters are put off and confronted with a diffusion of responsibility. This, too, must be described as a farce with regard to §63 para. 2 of the Federal Civil Servants Act (Bundesbeamtengesetzes). It says “if the behavior ordered violates the dignity of the human being”, the officer is obliged to resign from their official instructions. It is no longer possible to point to the bureaucratic style of responsibility transfer.

Video about protest. Different speeches in different languages. Talk to mayor and pressspokeswoman from the city.

Solidarität mit den Protestierenden des Abschiebelagers Bamberg // Solidarity With Protesting People At Deportation Camp Bamberg

(english below)

In Solidarität wird hier das Statement sowie der Aufruf zur Demonstration am 17.01.2018 von “Bamberg Refugees” veröffentlicht:

Demonstration || Mittwoch || 17. Januar 2018 || 12:00 Uhr AEO (Abschiebelager) Bamberg

“Das AEO-Lager in Bamberg (Aufnahmeeinrichtung Oberfranken) ist schlimmer als Gefängnis. Wir, Geflüchtete, die im Lager leben, werden die andauernden Schikanen und die unmenschliche Behandlung nicht länger hinnehmen. Am Mittwoch den 17. Januar 2018 gehen wir raus und tragen unsere Forderungen auf die Straße. Unsere Forderung nach einem Leben in Würde. Wir rufen alle Geflüchteten in der AEO Bamberg, ebenso wie alle Unterstützer*innen, Helferkreise und Organisationen auf, sich unserer friedlichen Demonstration durch die Stadt Bamberg anzuschliessen.”

Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter dem Facebook event:


Sowie hier in Ihrem Statement:

Gegen die Unmenschlichkeit! Stoppt das Lagersystem! Wir sind Geflüchtete, keine Gefangene! Against inhumanity! Stop the camp system! We´re refugees, not prisoners!

Wir sind Geflüchtete aus verschiedenen Ländern, die alle vor den gleichen Problemen stehen: Wir leben in der Aufnahmeeinrichtung Oberfranken (AEO), dem Lager von Bamberg. Wir haben nach Sicherheit und einem Leben in Frieden gesucht. Aber was wir hier erleben ist kein Leben. Deshalb stehen wir auf und wehren uns – gegen die Unmenschlichkeit und die Schikanen des Bamberger Lagersystems. Am Mittwoch den 17.01.2018 gehen wir raus und tragen unseren Forderungen auf die Straße. Unsere Forderung nach einem Leben in Würde. Wir rufen alle Geflüchteten in der AEO Bamberg, ebenso wie alle Unterstützer*innen, Helferkreise und Organisationen auf, sich dieser friedlichen Demonstration am Mittwoch, 17.01.2018, 12:00 Uhr, AEO Bamberg, (Erlenweg 4, 96050 Bamberg) anzuschliessen.

Unsere Situation ist folgende: Wir kommen traumatisiert und ausgelaugt von unserer langen und gefährlichen Flucht in Bamberg an. Uns wird keine Zeit gegeben um anzukommen, wir werden sofort zu einer Kommission geschickt, um interviewt zu werden. Eine Woche später halten die meisten von uns die Ablehnung ihres Asylantrags in den Händen. Ab diesem Moment ist es, als wären wir inhaftiert. Unsere Ausweispapiere werden uns weggenommen, alles was wir bekommen ist eine Lagerausweis, ausgedruckt auf einem blanken Papier. Sogar unsere deutsche Aufenthaltsgestattungen oder unsere Duldung, bei denen die eine hatten, werden für ungültig erklärt.

Wenn die Entscheidung über unseren Asylantrag negativ ausfällt, bekommen wir kein Geld mehr. Nicht einmal junge Mütter bekommen einen Cent, sie kriegen weder Babynahrung, noch können sie es sich leisten welche zu kaufen. Wir dürfen nicht arbeiten oder Bamberg verlassen. Unsere Kinder können nicht in die Schule gehen, da sie automatisch mit den Eltern abgelehnt werden. Wir dürfen keine Deutschkurse besuchen. Nichtsdestotrotz müssen wir monatelang hier bleiben, manchmal sogar Jahre. Einige von uns sind schon fast zwei Jahre hier. Die Lager-Security schikaniert uns und wendet Gewalt gegen uns an und wir werden von von der Polizei und den Gerichten zu Unrecht beschuldigt. Die Polizei kann jederzeit kommen um unsere Räume durchsuchen, oder um einen von uns abzuschieben. Niemand kann so leben.

Wenn wir von hier fliehen und in ein anderes europäisches Land gehen werden wir in das Lager nach Bamberg zurückgebracht, weil unsere Fingerabdrücke hier liegen und Deutschland darum bittet uns hierher zurückzubringen. Aber wenn Deutschland uns nicht will, dann lasst uns bitte in ein anderes Land gehen, das unsere Rechte anerkennt. Deutschland ist nicht das einzige Land in Europa.

Wir haben genug von diesem Lager. Wir können so nicht weiter leben – nicht einen einzigen Tag. Wir werden behandelt wie Gefangene, nicht wie Flüchtlinge. Das werden wir nicht länger akzeptieren! Wir haben nach Schutz gesucht, aber wir müssen immer noch für unser Recht auf ein Leben in Frieden und Freiheit kämpfen. Es gibt für uns keine Gerechtigkeit – unsere alltäglicher Kampf geht einfach weiter. Wir werden unseren Protest auf die Straße tragen – und wir werden nicht damit aufhören, bis unsere Situation sich geändert hat.

Wir fordern:

  1. Viele von uns haben hier nur den weißen Lagerausweis, keinen deutschen Ausweis. Wir brauchen einen deutschen Ausweis und das Recht zu arbeiten
  2. Bildung ist ein universelles Recht für jedes Kind auf der Welt. Unsere Kinder müssen in die Schule und auch wir Erwachsenen müssen uns weiterbilden dürfen!
  3. Vielen von uns wird die elementare finanzielle Grundsicherung, die von dem deutschen Grundgesetz garantiert wird, verweigert – nicht einmal junge Mütter bekommen einen Cent für Babynahrung. Wir brauchen eine finanzielle Grundsicherung.
  4. Wir bleiben hier für Monate, einige fast zwei Jahre. Wir brauchen Verlegungen! Das AEO-Lager in Bamberg muss geschlossen werden! Kein Lager nirgendwo!
  5. Wir brauchen gute medizinische Versorgung.
  6. Die andauernden Schikanen und die unmenschliche Behandlung von uns Geflüchteten (durch Securities, Polizei und Ämter) müssen aufhören!
  7. Die Frauen brauchen eigene Räume mit Privatsphäre und Sicherheit
  8. Keine Abschiebungen! Nicht nach dem Dublin-Verordnung und auch sonst nirgendwohin!
  9. Schluss mit Rassismus!

Wir werden nicht länger zuschauen, wie wir gejagt, verfolgt, schikaniert und letztlich abgeschoben werden. Wir sind davor geflohen: vor Verfolgung, Folter, Armut und Krieg! Wir gehen nicht zurück! Wir werden für das Recht zu leben kämpfen – und für das Recht, wie Menschen behandelt zu werden. Wir sind hier – und wir werden bleiben!

In Solidarity the statement as well as the call out for demonstration on 17th of Jan. 2018 by “Bamberg Refugees” is published here:

Demonstration || Wednesday|| 17th of January 2018 || 12:00 midday AEO (deportation camp) Bamberg

“The AEO camp in Bamberg is worse than a prison. We, refugees living in the camp, will not take anymore the constant harrassment and inhuman treatment. Our demand is for a life in dignity. On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we are going out and taking our demands on the streets. We are calling for all inhabitants of the AEO Bamberg, as well as groups and individuals to join us in solidarity for this peaceful demonstration through the town of Bamberg.”

More informations you get at Facebook event:


As well as in their satement:

Against inhumanity! Stop the camp system! We´re refugees, not prisoners! Gegen die Unmenschlichkeit! Stoppt das Lager System! Wir sind Geflüchtete, keine Gefangene!

We are refugees from different countries, who are all facing the same problems. We are living in the „AEO“ camp in Bamberg. We were searching for protection and a life in peace. But what we are facing is no life at all. This is why we stand up – against the inhumanity and harassment in the Bamberg Lager system. On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we are going out and taking our demands on the streets. Our demand is for a life in dignity. We are calling for all inhabitants of the AEO Bamberg, as well as groups and individuals to join us in solidarity for this peaceful demonstration through the town of Bamberg.

Our situation is this: We arrive in Bamberg traumatised and exhausted of long and dangerous travels. We are given no time arrive, we are immediately sent to a comission to be interviewed. One week later most of us receive a negative decision. From that moment on we are in fact imprisoned. Our documents are taken, all we get is a camp card, printed on a white sheet of paper. Even our German asylum seeker documents or our Duldung, if somebody had those before, are taken away.

After a negative asylum decision, we receive no money any more. Not even young mothers are getting one cent: They get no baby food nor can afford to buy some. We are not allowed to work or to leave Bamberg. Our children do not get access to school or education, because they get a negative decision as soon as their parents do. We are not allowed to study German. Nevertheless we have to stay here for months, even for years. Some are here for 24 months already. The camp security is harassing and using violence against us – and we get charged by the police and courts. The police can come at any moment – to search our rooms or to take one of us for deportation. Nobody can live like this!

When we escape and leave to another country we are brought back to the Bamberg camp, because our finger prints are here and Germany asks to bring us here. But if Germany doesn not want us, then please let us go to another country which repects our rights. Germany is not the only country in Europe!

We are tired of this camp. We cannot live like this – not even one more day. We are treated like prisoners, not like refugees. We will not accept this any longer! We were searching for protection, but we still have to fight for our right to live in peace and freedom. There is no justice to us – our struggle just continues. We will take our protest to the streets – and we will not stop it, until our situation is changed!

We demand:

  1. Many of us are here without any German Ausweis, only the white camp card: We need a German Ausweis and the right to work
  2. Schooling is a universal right of every child in the world: Our children need to go to school – and we adults also need to study
  3. Many of us are denied the basic financial support that is guaranteeed by the German constitution – even young mothers do not get one cent for baby food. We need a basic financial livelihood
  4. We stay here for months, some even 24 months: We need transfers! Shut down the Bamberg AEO-Lager! No Lager nowhere!  
  5. We need proper medical care
  6. The constant harassment and inhuman treatment of us refugees needs to stop (by securities, administration and others)
  7. The women need their own spaces of privacy and safety
  8. No deportations, Dublin or other
  9. Stop racism

We will not watch anymore how we are chased, harassed and finally deported. We escaped from that: persecution, torture, poverty and war. We will not go back. We will fight for that right to live – and to be treated like human beings!

We are here – and we will stay!

Gegen das rassistische Justizsystem! Aufruf zum solidarischen Prozessbesuch // Against the racist judicial system! Call for solidarity at the trial on 09.01.18, 09:30

(English below)

Am Dienstag, den 9. Januar 2018 steht ein Genosse und Freund von uns vor Gericht. Seit mehr als 6 Monaten sitzt er in der JVA Stadelheim in Untersuchungshaft.

Die Bedingungen in Untersuchungshaft sind harsch und unmenschlich: Zwei Mal im Monat jeweils 30 Minuten Besuch. Gäste mussten sich zuvor namentlich bei der Staatsanwaltschaft anmelden und wochenlang auf ihre Besuchserlaubnisse warten. Gespräche durften nur auf Deutsch geführt werden und durften sich nicht auf sein Ermittlungsverfahren beziehen. So war es unmöglich, unserem Freund eine Rechtsberatung zu ermöglichen oder eine unabhängige Anwältin oder Anwalt zu vermitteln.

Gegen ihn läuft ein Verfahren nach dem Betäubungsmittelgesetz. Für uns ist auch so ein Verfahren rassistisch motiviert: Deutschland ist ein Staat, in dem Persons of Color und Schwarze Menschen durch Racial Profiling in einem ständigen Fokus der Polizei sind. In dem Justizsystem werden Menschen, die nicht ausreichend Deutsch sprechen ihre grundlegende Rechte in Haft verwehrt. Gerichtsprozesse haben unterschiedliche Auswirkungen auf Menschen mit und ohne deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit. So können Geflüchtete nach einer Verurteilung ihren Aufenthaltstitel verlieren und sogar abgeschoben werden.

Wir rufen auf, den Prozess am Dienstag, 09.01.2018 solidarisch zu begleiten und kritisch zu beobachten! Die Verhandlung beginnt um 9:30 Uhr am Amtsgericht München – den genauen Ort werden wir am Vorabend bekannt geben. Schaut auf Solidarity and Resistance, schreibt uns bei Twitter oder Facebook.

On Tuesday 9 January 2018, a comrade and friend will stand trial. Since more than 6 months he has been in pre-trial custody (“Untersuchungshaft”) in the JVA Stadelheim.

The conditions in “Untersuchungshaft” are harsh and inhumane: visits are only granted two times a month and for 30 minutes each. Visitors have to register by name with the public prosecutor’s office beforehand and have to wait for weeks for their visit permits. Talks can only be conducted in German, and were not allowed to refer to the ongoing investigation. Hence, it was impossible to provide our friend with legal advice or an independent lawyer.

He is under investigation for an infraction under the Narcotics Act. For us, such a procedure is also motivated by racism: Germany is a state in which persons of color and Black people are in a constant focus of the police through racial profiling. In the judicial system, people who do not speak sufficient German are denied their fundamental rights in custody. Legal proceedings have different effects on people with and without German nationality. In this way, refugees may lose their residence permit after a conviction and may even be deported.

We call for solidarity and critical observation of the trial on Tuesday, 09.01.2018! The trial begins at 9:30 a. m. at the Amtsgericht München – we will announce the exact location on the evening before. Check Solidarity and Resistance, or write us on Twitter or Facebook.