Sat / 21.01.2017 / 1 p.m. / Rally against deportations to Afghanistan

Deporting people to a country that suffers from war, a country which
travel warnings were announced for and not even German soldiers are
capable of protecting their bases? unthinkable? For us it is, but
the German government and especially the Bavarian government is of
different opinion. On 14. of December 2016 34 people from Afghanistan
were deported from Frankfurt airport to Kabul. Among them, 8 people came
from Bavaria. The responsible politicians justify this practice of
deportation to a war country by territorial means of escape. But the
situation in Afghanistan is actually catastrophic: Only in November 2016
there were 5 big attacks with over 50 dead people and numberless
casualties. Moreover in Afghanistan there are already more than a
million refugees within the country who are insufficiently or even not
provided or protected at all.
We have to fight against this practice of deportation! We don’t want any
deportations, not to Afghanistan or elsewhere! We show solidarity to all
people who stand up for a right of residence and against deportation!
Stop deportation – NOW!

Therefore Jugendliche ohne Grenzen and Karawane München call up for a
demonstration in Munich to show a signal of solidarity against
deportation to Afghanistan and to show the Bavarian government that we
absolutely refuse their politics of deportation.

Saturday / 21.01.2017 / 1 p.m. / Stachus, Munich

Link to the event.

دیپورت به افغانستان

دولت آلمان اخراج اجباری مهاجران افغان به افغانستان را شدت بخشیده است. در روز شنبه تاریخ ۱۴ جنیوری از فرودگاه فرانکفورت ۳۴ نفر به افغانستان دیپورت شدند.

هم اکنون شما و تمامی مهاجران افغان دیگر به یک تظاهرات کاملا قانونی و بدون خشونت دعوت شده اید تا مخالفت خود را با این تصمیم نادرست اعلام نماید.

امید است که ما را در روز برفی در تظاهرات همیار باشد تا دیپورتی ها را به افغانستان متوقف بتوانیم.

با احترام حمایت کنندگاتان و مدد کاران اجتماعی

قرار ما:

 مکان: اشتاخوس , مونشن
راس ساعت: ۱۳:۰۰
تاریخ: روز شنبه .۲۱.۰۱

Where? Munich, Stachus
When? Saturday, 21.01.
Time: 1:00 p.m.