Attempts to eliminate the protests in Donauwörth

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In the early hours of the morning on 14th of March 2018 a deportation was successfully prevented in the reception center in Donauwörth. That afternoon however, a large police operation took place. 29 people were arrested and taken into custody overnight. One person is currently on remand. Several, according to current information, are in deportation custody. One person was released an hour ago and reported that his finger prints, photoghraphs and DNA samples were taken. The accusation is of breach of peace. This is a charge that serves the criminalisation of uprisings as well as inducing forced transfers, which aim to destroy the 500 person strong protests in Donauwörth.

The same strategie of arrest was also used in the summer of 2017, when the residents of the camp in Memmingen revolted against the conditions in the camp as well as against the racist security personell. 4 people were imprisoned on charges of breach of peace, 2 of whom have still not been released.

Herrmann, the minister of the interior made a statement on the prevented deportation in Donauwörth. He construes the protests as violent excesses. In fact the residents of the reception center showed civil courage by preventing the deportation of their friend through their presence. In doing so they were threatened with dogs, subjected to pepper spray and suffered other forms of physical violence on the part of the passively and actively armed police. As there was no faulty conduct on the part of the activists, the procecution is now construing the charge of breach of peace.

Video: Police at EA, 14.03

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