#1 Start of campaign on Rindermarkt in Munich

On Sunday, September 30th 2018, the campaign “#DW32 – Racist Violence Sparks Refugees’ Anguish” started at Munich’s Rindermarkt. A sign with the slogan “Listen to the voices of the oppressed” was affixed to the Rindermarkt fountain. In 2013, Rindermarkt has been the scene of a protest, during which refugees underlined their demands as ‘Non Citizens’ with a hunger strike, and were brutally and unlawfully evicted by police.

With this campaign, we want to make the struggles that take place in camps like Donauwörth visible to a wider public, stand in solidarity with those who are affected by repression, and reverse the accusations. Earlier this year, Donauwörth experienced a strike against 80-Cent-jobs. Prior to and during the strike, refugees continuously tried to enter in a dialogue with those who are responsible, without having success. With the visit of the minister of interior in the reception centre, the opportunity of being heard was rejected again: “We thought we will have now the possibility to tell him our point of view of the happenings. But then we heard that the minister don’t want to talk to Black people”.