#6 Respect freedom of movement!

Every day the right to freedom of movement is denied to people from the global South – when new deals are negotiated with the Libyan Coast Guard, Merkel tours African states to negotiate new readmission agreements, sea rescue boats are denied mooring in ports, people are violently torn away from their surroundings and from their friends, and forced into deportation planes. Fortress Europe omnipresent, absurd and murderous. When in February 2018 more than one hundred people from the Donauwörth reception centre decided not to wait for their Dublin deportations to Italy, but to return there themselves, they were denied departure with massive police presence. Despite heavily armed police, fences several metres high and increasingly modern border security systems: de facto people constantly take their right to freedom of movement, find loopholes in the inhuman asylum law, cross borders and overcome fences.
Solidarity from Dresden