#7 No arbitrary political accusations!

Initially, the authorities met the political self-organization of the refugees in Donauwörth with silence and ignorance. After the raid by the police on 14.03.18, the detainees were accused of disorderly conduct (Landfriedensbruch) and resistance against law enforcement officers, among other things. Especially these two offences are used extremely arbitrarily: For a charge of resistance, it is sufficient for police officers to claim that someone has resisted. If the evidence is missing, they cover each other up with false statements. The accusation of Landfriedensbruch is always used where even a resistance cannot be constructed. Because anyone who speaks out against German laws can be a trespasser. It is clear that it has been tried to prevent any resistance against deportations – no matter how quiet it is and which careful form it may have – and to intimidate refugees so that they would dare no more organization in the future. 
Solidarity from Chiemgau