#10 Right to strike – for all!

32 Demands for the 32 Detainees from Donauwoerth

To lay down one’s own work in protest in order to demand better working and living conditions – for people in precarious working conditions or with an uncertain residence status this is often not possible. Those who work hard without a contract, or whose residence status depends on a permanent position, are often forced to be particularly cautious at work. But also people who do not get a work permit in the first place cannot go on strike in Germany – from a purely legal point of view. When refugees went on strike at the Donauwörth reception centre in February 2018 against the 80 cent jobs, they were denied this basic right as well. For some years now, the #EuroMayDay parades in various European cities have been an attempt to make different precarious realities of life and work visible and to bring precisely those to the streets who cannot strike like the epitomised assembly line workers – such as illegalised people, care workers or mothers.

Solidarity from Cologne