“Everyone should know what is going on” – Hungerstrike in Düren

Since one week, the Non-Citizen writer Farid B. is on hunger strike in Düren. He is protesting against the inhumane conditions in his camp and the discriminatory treatment by the operating organization Malteser. He was recently moved to a room that only measures ten square meters – two residents are supposed to live in it. That is far below the narrowly measured minimum standard. The refugees also receive out-of-date food. For three months the author has tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with the administration about these nuisances.

Farid B. decided on 13 January to stop eating as a protest, although he has health problems. Since he has no power to speak, he communicates to the outside through a friend. He told us on the phone that Farid B. wants to draw attention to these inhuman conditions with his protest: “Everyone has to know what is going on.” He also demands that the chief of the Malteser administration resigns.

So far, the organisation has not shown any reaction to the hunger strike. The officials from the North Rhine-Westphalian state government and the city hall of Düren ignore the protest. Only the caretaker of the camp has responded: He has threatened Farid B. and denounced him as a ‘traitor’.

We wish Farid B. a lot of strength for his legitimate and important protest and send solidarity greetings!