Demonstration against deportations at the Bundesamt in Nürnberg // 09/02/2017

Last Thursday (09.02.17) around 70 refugee women, men and children protested in Nuremberg in front of the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees. They protested against their Dublin deportations and for the right to have their asylum procedures in Germany. Most of them come from Ethiopia and are to be deported to Italy. One of the organizers told us on the phone that they had to live there on the street and were without any medical care. “In Italy, we have no human rights! Some of us would rather die than be deported to Italy.” She saw the two-hour demonstration from Nuremberg’s Hallplatz to the Federal Office as a success. Despite the cold many refugees have joined. Many of the women came to seek counselling from the International Women’s Cafe Soon, however, it was clear that there would be no individual solutions for them since most churches no longer accept people for church asylum. So they decided to organize a protest, in cooperation with the International Women’s Cafe.
Now they will meet next week to make further plans.

For a conditionless right to stay! Down with the inhumane Dublin system! Down with fortress Europe!